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Please be advised that due to public health concerns about the spread of COVID-19, we are operating through challenging circumstances. The health of our team and respect towards our communities is of the utmost importance to us as a company. In accordance with the regulations set in place by the Croatian government regarding the Coronavirus outbreak, we have reduced the number of on-site staff to the minimum to reduce the risk of infection. We also aim to contribute to curbing the spread of COVID-19 worldwide. 

Take notice that you are communicating directly with the manufacturer and as the innovators of Imunoalfa it is our wish that our product is not misused and sold for a much higher price to people in need that are protecting themselves and their families. Therefore, your order through this webshop is for your personal use and not for further distribution in these difficult times. If you wish to work with us as a wholesaler, distributor or retail shop, contact us at  with the subject: Wholesaler/Distributor – Country

1. Placing an Order

Our logistics team is able to uphold normal operations and order processing as well as shipping which is secured and during this health crisis of COVID-19, we have a minimum order of 3 bottles of Imunoalfa.

The price of 1 bottle is 33 EUR.  3 bottles = 99 EUR . Logistics, shipping, and delivery costs are INCLUDED.

2. Address

Besides the number of bottles  with your order, in your email we need the exact address of delivery:

Name/last name




Phone number (if the postal office needs to inform you)

Remark if any (such as 2 floor, apartment 3c)

3. Payment Method 

– We will reply to you with a pro forma invoice

– Once your order has been approved and paid via internet banking within 1 working day, your purchase will go into the shipment and delivery process.

4. Order Status and delivery

Shipments are delivered by the Croatian postal service   

  • Once your package of Imunoalfa has been sent, you will receive a reply email, informing you of the tracking number and where you can track your delivery.
  • With your shipment, you will receive the original invoice.

5. Testimonials

– Help our Imunoalfa family grow and share your testimonial with others in your own words.

   You do not have to state your full name and may choose to be anonymous.